10 Reasons to DrinkGreen Smoothies

  • 1. By blending fruit and greens, it makes it a whole lot easier and quicker to consume a handful of spinach, kale, chard, lettuce or whatever your green fix is.
  • 2. Greens are extremely alkalizing and helps to balance the body’s pH level. If our bodies become acidic, disease follows.
  • 3. They are a super quick way to flood the body with much needed minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants.
  • 4. You have more energy.
  • 5. By drinking fresh living green smoothies, you break down the cellular walls of the fruit and vegetables in the blender which lessens the load on the body’s digestion.
  • 6. Regular consumption can assist in weight loss.
  • 7. Fruit and green leafy herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to reduce pain and inflammation in joints and on a cellular level within the body.
  • 8. Easy to make and a quick clean up. You can also carry them with you in a jam jar which is much easier then scoffing down a salad when you’re short on time.
  • 9. Green foods are packed full of oxygen which helps to oxygenate the blood and helps to prevent disease. A molecule of chlorophyll closely resembles a molecule of human blood. According to teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, “consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion.”
  • 10. Green smoothies have proven to be loved by children of all ages, including babies of six or more months old.

green smoothie


Source: http://rawlivingfoods.tumblr.com/post/19494845491/10-reasons-to-drink-green-smoothies

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