DrinkGreen4Life’s 7 Day Detox Challenge for Beginner’s! DAY FOUR!

DrinkGreen Spring Clean


Welcome to Day 4


Green Smoothies and the DAILY consumption of  fruits and vegetables have now become a part of your new Lifestyle! Green smoothies not only provides a health boost of energy, vitamins and nutrition to your body… It actually tastes good!   So far so good as we are over the hump and moving along in our Challenge.  You really should pat yourself on the back for a JOB WELL DONE!!  The next three days will be a breeze and you can honestly say you survived!!   Not only did you make it you should see that you have a little more energy, less mood swings, and your tolerance level for sugary foods should be slowly vanishing away. Keep up the good work and enjoy your green smoothie DrinkGreen is proud to walk this Lifestyle Change journey with you!!

Below you will find:

Day Tip

Green Smoothie Recipe 

Dinner Suggestion 

Exercise tip


  • Daily Tip

Why are Green Smoothies good for you? 


By drinking fresh green smoothies, you break down the cellular walls of the fruit and vegetables, in the blender, which lessens the load on the body’s digestion. Green Smoothies are a healthy benefit that can be enjoyed by your entire family, even babies up to six months old. 

The health benefits that you are impacted with in a green smoothie are amazing.  The power pack burst of vitamins and nutrients provides the body with more energy and fuel  to carry out an action packed day. Each ingredient in a green smoothie plays a major role in your health and your new Lifestyle Change.  


Here are 10 Reasons to DrinkGreen:

  • 1. By blending fruit and greens, it makes it a whole lot easier and quicker to consume a handful of spinach, kale, chard, lettuce or whatever your green fix is.
  • 2. Greens are extremely alkalizing and helps to balance the body’s pH level. If our bodies become acidic, disease follows.
  • 3. They are a super quick way to flood the body with much needed minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants.
  • 4. You have more energy.
  • 5. By drinking fresh living green smoothies, you break down the cellular walls of the fruit and vegetables in the blender which lessens the load on the body’s digestion.

To view more reasons why a green smoothie is good for you click the link below. http://drinkgreen4life.com/10-reasons-to-drinkgreen-smoothies/

  • Daily DrinkGreen Smoothie Recipe

Green Banana Green Smoothie, 164.3 calories per serving, calorie credit to MyFitnessPal.com

  1. 1.5 cup of Spinach
  2. 1/4 small cucumber
  3. 1/2 banana
  4. 1 medium pear
  5. 1 small kiwi
  6. 1 tbsp of chia seed
  7. 2 cups of green tea
  8. 1 tbsp of honey/agave

This recipe should provide you with more than 2 8oz servings.

*remember the more honey/agave/nuts etc. you add will add to the calories of your green smoothie.
Also the amount of liquid (water or green tea) you use will determine the thickness of your smoothie*

Vitamin A 44.2%, Vitamin C 72.5%, Calcium 7.2%, Iron 7.9%, Total Fat 2.9g, Sodium 20.9mg, Potassium 508.6mg, Total Carbs 38.5g, Dietary Fiber 7.7g, Sugars 15.4g, Protein 3.3g


  • Dinner Suggestion 

Veggie Burger (no bun), broccoli oven roasted with olive oil, ginger & garlic, brown rice

  1.  Any brand of veggie burger you prefer. 
  2. broccoli
  3. ginger
  4. garlic
  5. brown rice (1-2 cups)


We don’t add measurements to the meal recipes because we believe meals are made with love according to family size, to taste and dietary needs. We STILL look forward to hearing what wonderful recipes you used during this challenge…Don’t forget to take pictures for us.


  • Exercise Tip 

Take your time!!  Don’t rush!!  You DO NOT want to over do your work out!  It is ok to start slow and then build up a pace to your specific comfortable level .  You know your body and what you can handle, get to that point…then push a little further. It is ok to take it slow just know you are building up your endurance every time you work out. Exercising is a major DAILY task, do not give up!  The more you work out the more calories you are burning!  The more calories you burn brings you one step closer to a HEALTHIER renewed you!

basic crunches: sets of 10 repeat 5 times
basic squats: sets of 8 repeat 4 times   
back leg lifts: sets of 8 repeat 4 times 
jumping jacks: sets of 8 repeat 4 times   

Always remember to keep your water handy!!  Water is one of the key components to your new healthier Lifestyle!  


  • Reminder 

You should break your fast (breakfast) with water. Water should be the FIRST thing you consume after waking up. No eating after 9 pm and continue to eat your heaviest meal during the day and not before bed and water, water, water Here is a link detailing why it is suggested that you should not eat before going to bed.




Be encouraged that you are not alone but an IMPORTANT part of OUR Common Unity (Community). We are not encouraging diets or focusing on losing weight….. We are DETERMINED to CHANGE our lives. This is very important to sustaining a healthier life and the time is now. Use this 7 days to begin telling yourself something different! To start making different and better food choices….slowly… as we all know changing your life is a process. This is a NO GUILT PROCESS… take your time…BUT DO IT. Know that you are IN the ongoing process and BE PROUD that you have reached THIS point. One day at a time!

*Remember to use the hashtag #DGSpringClean with all your challenge posts!*


The Ladies of DrinkGreen4Life

~Ife & Renee~


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