Ife Johari: About Me…

~ Ife Johari ~

~ Ife Johari ~


     Thank you for visiting DrinkGreen! My name is Ife Johari. I am a newlywed mother of two sons from Detroit, MI currently living in New Jersey. I’ve been a community activist and advocate for social justice for several years and have been featured in articles such as Huffington Post, Al- Jazeera, The Village Voice and was even featured in Time Magazine’s 2011 “Person of the Year” issue.

     In 2002, I  was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my 2nd pregnancy. I already knew of my strong family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. After a recent visit to the doctor I was referred to an endocrinologist because my thyroid was enlarged. All of this prompted me to make a FOOD lifestyle change (along with the 15lbs I gained after getting married…lol). In my quest to make better food choices I stumbled upon a few recipes for green smoothies and instantly became addicted. I wanted to share my new love for these green smoothies with everyone I knew. What I found was alot of people turned their noses up in disgust at either the fact that the smoothie is green or the time and preparation that goes into making green smoothies. I decided I want to try to change this negative attitude by proving to everyone just how delicious green smoothies really are and making it easy for EVERYONE to DrinkGreen by doing ALL the preparation for you. With DrinkGreen, I want to provide a service that encourages my community and the world to make better food choices and to DrinkGreen every day. By creating DrinkGreen I am able to do what I love most…..providing a service that helps my community.


You can contact Ife Johari directly by calling 1-888-760-7624 ext. #102  or by email at ife@drinkgreen4life.com

4 thoughts on “Ife Johari: About Me…

  1. Thank you for educating and familiarizing the community on another way of taking care of themselves internally
    and deliciously.

  2. I started with simplegreensmoothies on IG then I came across your tag on IG yesterday My friends and I are starting the 30 day green smoothie challenge next month so I purchased a nutribullet a week ago and its was the best thing I couldve done for myself I lost 4.8lbs in 1 week so now im excited to start the challenge. Thanks so much for the recipes and I also recide in NJ in the essex county area

    • That’s great! DrinkGreen4Life will be doing smoothie challenges as well! You’re in NJ?! We deliver prepackaged green smoothie kits in NJ. Call us any time 1-888-769-7624. Good Luck and … Think DrinkGreen! 😉

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